The Eritrean Women's Community Center in Tel Aviv is an initiative designed and run independently by a group of Eritrean refugee women. Established in November 2011, the center aims to provide Eritrean women with a safe space as well as access to important services. This center is the first and only one of its kind, utilizing a grass roots approach to support and em Eritrean women in a fundamental way. Representing a safe space, the Center stands as a community fixture recognized as the location women can turn to in order to access information, services and support.



New Semester of Language Classes

Our summer 2017 English classes saw a record turnout, with 20 women enrolling in each level! Now that these women have completed their semester, our new courses are ready to begin.


Registration for Hebrew class has opened as of 22 August, and English courses will be following shortly after in September. Stay tuned - more information to come!


Beauty Class Graduation!

Last fall we began the first ever vocational training in Israel designed specifically for vulnerable asylum seeking Eritrean women and it was a fantastic success. After coming back in the Spring of 2017, these hard working women completed their final semester and have now become the first ever graduating class! The students learned traditional Eritrean hairdressing techniques as well as Western-style hairdressing, paired with business skills. We could not be more proud of these dedicated, passionate and resilient women!

Deposit Law Demonstration

In May, a devastating new law was implemented which deducts 20% from the salary of every Eritrean worker in Israel, and another 16% from employers - in addition to the already inflated taxes we pay. This will force many single mothers and vulnerable families into poverty. On June 10, the EWCC took to the streets together with both Eritreans and Israelis to tell the world what we think about this policy!

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