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If you're interested in supporting Eritrean women in Israel, there are many ways you can help out! One option is to organize a fundraising event. Events like these can help educate the international community about Eritreans in Israel, while also helping to raise money which helps us to continue our vital work in the community. You can charge an admission fee, collect donations throughout the event, or both!

If you're interested in hosting an event, here are some ideas to help you get started:

Benefit Dinner

Whether you're hosting a high-end dinner at a five star restaurant, or a potluck dinner in your backyard, benefit dinners or receptions are a great way to bring people together and donate to a cause.​ Consider inviting an Eritrean asylum seeker to speak at your event about their personal experiences - if you need help finding a speaker, we can put you in touch with someone near you!

Film Screening

If your focus is education and awareness, then this is a great way to help your guests understand the challenges faced by the Eritrean community in Israel. Start with a screening, and host a panel discussion or Q and A session afterwards.

Sporting Events

Getting healthy and supporting good causes often go hand-in-hand. Consider organizing a walk-a-thon, charity game, or other sporting activity to get the people in your community active and involved.

Secondhand Sale

Many of us have old clothes, furniture, and knickknacks that we would love to let go of, but finding the motivation can be difficult. Let us be your motivation, and hold a secondhand sale to raise money for refugee women and children.

Dedicate a Special Occasion

If you have a birthday, anniversary, car wash, bake sale, or other special event coming up, why not dedicate it to helping those in need? Instead of giving gifts, ask your guests to bring a donation!

Funds can be transferred to the EWCC via PayPal, bank transfer, or through our donor advised program through the New Israel Fund. Click here for more information about tax exempt donations.​

For more information about how to get started organizing an event, contact us at

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