At the Women's Center, we aim to develop programs, classes and initiatives that are accessible and pertinent to the needs of the community.  After extensive surveying, the Women's Center's Steering Committee, comprised of Eritrean women leaders, have identified domestic abuse, women's health issues, and social isolation as the main problems affecting their community.  As the center’s programs are demand-driven according to the needs of the community, the programs of the center can be divided into the following 4 categories:

Each of these programs has been constructed in conjunction with various local and international organizations specializing in the different topics. Working alongside them, these programs have been developed to be culturally sensitive as well as to revolve around the circumstances in which many individuals in the community find themselves.


Working to reach about 800 women and families in the community by the end of 2017, these programs have been designed to be replicated and to allow for the dissemination of information throughout the community. As the Center's capabilities grow, we hope to continue to develop our programs and increase the number of individuals who can access our services.


To learn more about each of the programs, please click on the title of the pages above to go to their respective pages. 


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