The EWCC is a special place to work for two reasons. The first is immediately visible: we are the only registered NGO in Israel which is run by asylum-seeking women. While NGOs around the world are now trying to find ways to accommodate the unique needs of women in affected populations, we have been providing programming for years designed by women for women.


The other reason is that we at the EWCC are a family. We  share in victories together and overcome challenges together. Because we have a small core staff, each individual has a high level of responsibility and an equally high feeling of reward. Though the challenges faced by refugee and asylum seeking women in Israel is great, our resilience and determination motivates those around us to stay strong and keep moving forwards.

The Women's Center is very grateful to all its volunteers and individuals who have donated their time and efforts to the Center. Without their help, the Center could not operate at the standard that it does today.

Volunteers can help with English and Hebrew teaching, childcare and informal English learning for children, leading short-term workshops on health, parenting, and more, or even volunteering at our weekly clinic filling out RSD Refugee Status Determination forms in English or Hebrew.

We also offer internships in the following areas, based on availability:

  • Program Coordination Intern

  • Volunteer Coordination Intern

  • Childcare Intern

  • Grant Writing and Fundraising Intern

  • Events Planning Intern

Please read below of some personal experiences of those involved in our various activities. We would love to have you join our team. If you're interested, please send us a message or email us at eritreanwomenscenter@gmail.com


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Senait Zeraburuk

Eritrean lives in Tel Aviv, Israel. As an Eritrean woman, to volunteer at EWCC means to me is serving for home - a family supporting each other to grow together. The day I joined the EWCC is the happiest moments of my life. I volunteer for weekly food distribution, translation and creating awareness through social media.

Major ykealo

Eritrean lives in Tel Aviv, Israel. I started to volunteer at EWCC with the outbreak of the pandemic. Because I believe I can make a difference to the people around me and to give back my community. I volunteer for weekly food distribution. I am so excited to be a volunteer at the women center. It is overwhelming experience to involve in a lifesaving volunteering.


My name is stefanie I have started volunteering at the Eritrean women center a few months ago, and I feel that it is the least we can do as a society in order to empower vulnerable communities. Nutritional confidence. The very basics.  It fills my heart with joy knowing that a few more families will have warm meals and food for the next week. And when you get to know the people, you cannot stay apathetic to this. Mutual aid  and community sense are the future to a better world to live in, and the best chance for out society to grow positively.

Amanuel Semere

Eritrean living in Tel Aviv, Israel. Volunteering at the Eritrean women community center is a perfect experience for supporting my community. I started since the pandemic outbreak for food distribution. It gives me a lot of satisfaction to support others in any way I can. At EWCC all the leadership and volunteers are so caring people. And all volunteering is valued.


From Israel. I volunteer at the Eritrean women's community center to help women to fill out their pituk leumi (social security) forms. EWCC is an amazing place to be part of. I feel volunteering for and with such a special community is very meaningful. Even after a long day I go home with a smile knowing I did something to make life for Eritrean women in Israel a little bit easier.

Berhe Teame

Eritrean lives in `Tel Aviv, Israel. Helping out at the center has been a great experience. I had volunteered before and found EWCC is amazing because when all the clients here receive service by their mother language and they feel like coming home. There are so many women that need personal help, and no one would be better to support them than us (Eritreans)- who know what they are going through. I really believe that my time is spent with for a great cause with great value."

Dawit Hagos

Eritrean living in Tel Aviv, Israel.I volunteer to support my community, make a difference, and inspire others. Al in all for positive impact in my community. I have been volunteering for food distribution since the outbreak of the Pandemic. EWCC is amazing org to support Eritrean asylum seekers living in Israel.

Evan McMahon

Illinois Chicago, United states. My responsibilities at the EWCC primarily pertain to donor and volunteer management. In working with large scale donors and funding bodies. I help secure funding to ensure that the EWCC can carry out all of our amazing initiatives! On the other end, I also manage all of our local volunteers and provide ways for Tel Aviv community members to build stronger bonds with the Eritrean Asylum-Seeking community. My time so far at the EWCC has been extremely enriching and I can't wait for what the future holds for the center!

Mehari Gebremicael

Eritrean lives in Tel Aviv, Israel. I started to volunteer at EWCC during the Covid-19 pandemic outbreak. When I observed the impact of the pandemic on my community, I joined to the center to play my role. I volunteer for weekly food distribution and receptionist. EWCC team are so generous, social. It is great experience to work at EWCC. Everybody works in harmony.


My name is Lily, I’m 32 years old. I’m originally from london but have been living in israel for the past 10 years. I have a young daughter named Nina and I’m so grateful that I can support Eritrean mothers at the women’s centre. It’s a real honour to be able to volunteer at the centre, and continue to meet and assist the parents that come to the Tuesday walk ins. I look forward to it every week!

Mhret Mnasie

Mhret mnasie: Eritrean from Tel Aviv, Israel. I volunteer for 4 -6 hours per week as a receptionist. I love to help for my fellow Eritrean what I can do. I know my role and contribution is valued at the center and I believe I can make a difference to my community by spending a little time every week to support my brothers and sisters.

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The Eritrean Women's Community Center is a registered NGO (amutah). Our registration number is: 580574465.

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