The Center aims to provide women with a venue that provides various options for bettering and establishing well-rounded individuals. From language courses to computer literacy programs, the Enrichment Program aims to make the women of the community capable of contributing and making a difference in their lives and the lives of others in their community.


English Courses: Beginner and Advanced


One of the most pronounced obstacles encountered by Eritreans in Israel is the language barrier. The inability to express oneself exacerbates processes of marginalization in the country. To tackle this problem, the EWCC offers English language classes. The courses are structured by skill level allowing for individuals of various language levels to be placed in the most effective course for them. As women improve their language skills, many continue on to more advanced classes.


Our language courses are tailored to the needs of Eritrean women. For example, lessons use roleplay so language skills can be practiced in real life scenarios. We often emulate discussions with employers about salaries and labor rights, asking for directions, and going to the doctor.


Hebrew Classes


Integration into Israeli culture is much harder for Eritrean women who feel much more isolated and marginalised. The EWCC is also runnning Hebrew classes to help women and girls assimiliate. 


Evening Computer Hours

We offer open computer hours for whatever purpose the women would like; social media, videos, or work on writing projects. We provide volunteers to look after children and, once a week, we provide an female Eritrean volunteer to answer any technical computer questions as they arise so they can improve their computer literacy.

Other Workshops and Initiatives:

Because the EWCC aims to create dynamic programming, Eritrean women may request specific workshops at any time to address needs in the community as they arise. Some examples of past workshops include childhood development, women's health, parenting techniques, and more.

To join any of these classes, contact us!


Eritrean women attending an evening English class at the Center.

Eritrean women attending a childhood development workshop at the Center.


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